“I am not good at anything.” “No one could ever love me.” “I would be happy if I had …… (a husband, a baby, a better job, more money)” Lies. These are all lies. But sometimes they feel more real than the truth. How did we get here? We are easily deceived. And as much […]

“If you could to anything to change the world, what would it be?” That’s quite a question to answer in a group of influential leaders that you are just getting to know. Considering that question started to remind me of answering the hypothetical question a genie emerging from a bottle might ask. While it is […]

“Fasten your seat belts, “ the pilot stated in both Finnish and English as our plane landed on my first international experience. Even though my feet had still never touched foreign soil, the introduction into a foreign world had already begun. I began to notice differences as our flight attendants wore black, leather gloves as […]

“So you are saying that I can never ever have ice cream again for the rest of my life?!?!” I was riding in a minivan, my sister at the wheel, my young niece in the back seat on our way to….  well, get ice cream. It sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? Somehow in her young, […]

I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. My breathing was shallow and unsatisfying. Palms sweaty as I gripped my bag, ears perked to listen for my name, eyes wide open staring at the ticket agent who held my destiny, and my feet – ready to sprint towards the gate to catch the plane back […]

I recently wrote an article for the website of the organization that I work with. If you want to join us and others in Nigeria who are praying for the abducted girls, you can read about it here .

You matter. That’s what my friend, Emily, said to a room full of privileged teens last night. You might be asking yourself why she used the 10 minutes she was given to stress that point. I mean, they are white, self-absorbed kids and on top of that, they are “rich.” I think it is because […]