Diagnosis: I am a monster!

I’m not a fan of sci-fi or horror genres. I much prefer historical and fanciful to gory and gross. If I am going to exert imagination-effort, why not make it lovely?

That seems to make sense, but sometimes the imagination plays tricks. My reality is much more horrific than I’d care to admit. If I was to take an honest look at my life, what looks more realistic on the silver screen actually requires “special effects” of smoke and mirrors to live up to my lovely standards.

Matt Mikalatos has quite an imagination. I can always count on him to show me life from an enlightening perspective. In his newest book, Night of the Living Dead Christians, Night of the Living Dead Christianhe peels back the layers of facade to reveal the gruesome reality of the heart. The seemingly brainwashed masses of religion are seen through a more accurate lens. They hypocritical hordes who try to live their ideal lives, but never seem to be able to control the monster find their inner beasts’ unleashed. The insecure individuals who are compulsively living off the affirmation of others and “need-to-be needed” are faced with the need for interpersonal rehab. And I, well…. I come face-to-face with the stark reality that I am more of a monster than a princess.

Matt does a fantastic job of taking the reader on a journey that, while a little painful, is not unpleasant. I found myself wanting to take a deeper and deeper look at life through his glasses. It’s a perspective that brings clarity and freedom. It reveals the monsters of our souls with a tender, human heart. By using his wacky imagination he forced me to look at reality.

Entertainment exists to help us escape reality, so I wouldn’t call the book entertaining, but pleasantly enlightening. Instead of escaping reality, Matt helps us see truth and, more importantly, the only hope to transform my inner monster.



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