Return to Russia – Episode 8: The Day That Spiderman Cried

20120731-225845.jpgHis bottom lip began to quiver.

Suddenly, he had an idea! Spiderman ran to the wall. “Mama, I want to climb up to you!”

The disappointment was almost unbearable. The Spiderman costume he was wearing, did not give this small boy the abilities of his favorite super hero. He couldn’t climb the wall of the hospital to be with his mother who had given birth to his new baby brother. Hospital policy did not allow even young Spidey to come up for a visit.

Broken hearted, the boy has to wait a few more days.

I can relate to my little, super-hero friend. I thought I was going to fly back home today. My hopes were dashed. It took a moment to sink in. I thought maybe the situation would change, but it didn’t. I grabbed the handle of my suitcase and started the hike back the way I came…

Train to metro.
Metro to another metro.
Hauling my suitcase up flights of stairs.
The long walk to my friends’ flat.

I had no idea if they were home. My cell phone doesn’t work in Russia and I couldn’t find a wifi connection anywhere.

They were home. Shocked, but welcoming. Then, we took a short trip to the hospital to visit our friend, Elmira Knutzen, who has just had their 3rd child. It was such a fun blessing to get the chance to see them and meet the new little one. And, as the picture shows, I even got to wear my very own “super-hero-hospital cape”!

Tomorrow I will try again to get on the plane. Today will be a great reminder – even if things don’t go as I planned, God’s blessings continue to be lavished on me!




  1. Judy Kay · · Reply

    Poor little tyke, he doesn’t understand. Precious picture. I hope your hospital visit lifted your spirits. It sounds like it did. I pray that God will allow you to be on your way tomorrow!

  2. Elizabeth furaha · · Reply

    I love the entire garment, so what is the Theme :-).

  3. So great that you got to see her. And sad for R, that he didn’t.

    I love the sidewalk outside the rod-dom. Now husbands are allowed in, but I know in Irkutsk, 14 years ago, the men were not allowed to visit. So they wrote messages to their wives on the sidewalk. Were these fresh (chalk) or old (paint)?

    1. It was fresh chalk. Such cute drawings all over the place. It was so fun to see.

  4. It was fresh chalk. Such cute drawings all over the place. It was so fun to see.

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