Monthly Archives: August 2012

Living a Life of Privilege

Does God love the USA more than He loves other countries? That question makes me uncomfortable. The very thought is repulsive. It is elitist. It is prideful. It is unloving. It is just plain ridiculous. Yet, when I think about the future, it would make me feel a little better if it was true. Maybe […]

Small Things

There was a pit in my stomach. It was the kind that makes you nauseous. I climbed into bed hoping that sleep would take care of it. This pit was one caused by exhaustion, after all. Tomorrow was going to be a long, busy day. I just needed some sleep. I got up early and […]

Return to Russia – Episode 9: Return to America…A Change in the Weather

Snailfrocky! That’s what my mom says when she wishes life would give her a mulligan – a “do-over.” After my first night’s sleep in my own bed since returning from the past few weeks in Europe, I am beginning to process. I am amazed and thankful. Thinking about the wellies I packed in my small […]