Living a Life of Privilege

Does God love the USA more than He loves other countries?

That question makes me uncomfortable. The very thought is repulsive. It is elitist. It is prideful. It is unloving. It is just plain ridiculous.

Yet, when I think about the future, it would make me feel a little better if it was true. Maybe there is a small, dark, hidden place in my heart that hopes it is true. For, if He loves us more, maybe He will have more patience with us. Maybe he will extend a little more grace, a little more mercy, a little more protection. We will avoid going down the road of every other dominant empire in all of history. How could our reign of world dominance come to an end if God loves us a little more than others… right?

The thing is, God DOESN’T love us more than others. He has a love for all nations. He has told us that part of what will make heaven so glorious is that each and every nation will be represented there. EACH. AND. EVERY. NATION. His love for the whole does not lessen His love for each. Much like a parent who loves each child – not the same, but also not more or less than the others.

So, when I drive down the road and hear Christian radio broadcasting prayers for our “great nation,” I admit I cringe more than just a little. We are blessed to live in this country. It is a great country. But too often we pray as if we our prayers are our self introduction at a world heavy-weight boxing match – there is bravado and pride. I would love to see us reflect a little more humility, a little more gratitude, a little more humility, and a little more meekness.

After all, we are not people of the donkey or the elephant. We are people of The Lamb* who laid down His rights, His riches, and His life for the whole world.

* This was a quote from Todd Wagner of Watermark Community Church



  1. Humility is beautiful and arrogance is ugly. I do love Americans and I am not anti at all. However, many Americans are puzzled when even people from countries that are friends and allies of America find the ‘self-congratulatory-ness’ of America offensive. You wont find the patriotic rhetoric anywhere near as loud in any other Western country. I just started following you on Twitter, btw.

  2. I agree, Phil. It took living outside the US a while for me to really see my homeland a little more objectively. I admit complete objectivity is impossible. My friends from other countries pointed out how funny it was to them to see the American flag everywhere – all the time – in real life and in movies. I had never thought about it before. Thanks for the follow and for the comment!


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