Monthly Archives: February 2013

Before the Clock Strikes 10….a.m.

Cuddling my steaming cup of coffee close to my face, I struggled to stay awake for fear of drooling on the shoulder of the strangers sitting on either side of me. I was on the 6:55am flight to Denver this morning. No one said much. I am sure we were all wondering why we thought […]

They’re Here!

BOOM BOOM BOOM… “Open the door so I can break your nose and pinch your arm!” This was the sudden, alarming noise that sent a surge of adrenaline through my body late one night in 1999. I had just moved to Russia and I was living alone in a small, two-room apartment. And, to be […]

With Age Comes…growing old in a postmodern world

Just a few short months after my college graduation I found myself eating fish soup in a pristine cafeteria in Finland. I was attending a briefing conference that marked the beginning of my year of ministry in Tallinn, Estonia. Just before the soup I heard Cas Monaco give a talk on how she handled her […]

Love is on the Air

Valentine’s Day is approaching, in case you didn’t know. I can tell by the topics of sermons at my church. On Sundays we have a series called “Behind Closed Doors” on marriage and its mission. On Tuesday nights at The Porch we are covering “Cupid: Dating Myths.” As someone who is not married, I have […]