You MUST Get Married!

Disheveled and out of breath, she walked towards me as if she knew me. I was trying to squeeze a bit more productivity out of my day at the “office” a.k.a. Watermark Coffee. Instead, Anna, a 68 year old Romanian woman plopped down across from me. She stared me straight in the eye. I was stumped and confused. You see, I didn’t yet know her name or her age, much less her nationality. She was a stranger who decided that we had an appointment.

After sitting across from one another for a few moments of staring, I broke the silence “Hello.” From there, I found out a little about her story. I introduced myself and then she blurted out, “You are married?” Upon answering a simple, “No, I am not,” her stare went sideways. Quietly, but with a great deal of disdain she emphatically declared, “It is time to get married! Why aren’t you married.” I chuckled and said something about trusting that God knows what I need. “No! You MUST get married.”

We chatted a bit longer and I dropped her off at Tom Thumb where she needed to do some shopping. She assured me that bus number 648 would take her home from there. I offered to pray for Anna as we parted. She took me up on the offer and told me to pray for her health. Then, she graciously promised to pray for me, as well. She didn’t ask what I needed. I think she has come to a conclusion about that for herself.



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