Stay on Target

“Do you make New Year resolutions?”

My room mate was sitting on the couch, journal in hand when she asked me this question yesterday. I was putting final touches on the vegetable plate that I had put together for lunch – an attempt to pack in healthy food before the parties to come. As I took my first bite, I looked to the ceiling to collect my thoughts for an answer. It’s a habit I’ve had for years – as if I can arrange and re-arrange my notions and read them like a script from the ceiling….

What about you? Do you make resolutions at this time of year?

I like to live with intentionality. Keeping the overall goal of my life in mind, each day has a new set of circumstances, both predictable and unpredictable. I have adopted a few practices in my daily/weekly life to help keep me on track with my overall goal. For example, make time to exercise 5 times a week or spend daily time reading, praying and meditating. A desire for effectiveness and growth demands that I evaluate every so often. The new year is a great time to Ready Your Gauges and get a tune-up. It’s an opportune time to make adjustments, but the process will continue at various times throughout the year.

I get up and walk!

“Resolution” is a word that is intimidating to me in the singular. Add an “s” to the end and I’m paralyzed. So, I don’t make resolutions, I make adjustments that keep me moving and help keep me on track.

That’s me. What about you? How do you stay on target?




  1. New Year’s resolutions are sometimes the ‘great intangible.’ We all have ambitions, and we are motivated towards worthy goals and objectives. But, we are also human. Unless it is our job, or we are fighting in a warship to shoot down the enemy, where it is imperative to ‘achieve victory’, we often fall short of that ‘target.’

    That doesn’t mean it’s not important, and that we should work all year-round to do what we say we (want) are going to do.

  2. That’s a great point, Dale. The more urgent and critical the goal, the greater our focus. We are also willing to sacrifice other things like comfort, money and convenience in order to achieve it.

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