1235141_10151869524867660_1866416741_nLast night I gathered in a beautiful, stone-walled chapel to pray with a handful of Millennials. Most Tuesday nights you’ll find a couple of thousand of us meeting at this same address, but that will start up again next week – with a bang. This night was sweet and quiet. A time for us to stop and acknowledge that all of the lives we’ve seen transformed, including our own, are a gift from God. He is working. He is changing our lives. He is changing our city. I am thankful and I am burdened. My heart breaks for the broken lives in our city, for those who are living under the illusion that they are successful because they make a lot of money or have a beautiful body. Then, there are those who know they are desperate, but have no hope. Down deep in our souls, we all have the same needs for hope, love, and yes, forgiveness.

There is hope. You are loved. There is forgiveness.

Surrendered to God, we will change the world through young adults.

Join us.



  1. Jan Boyd · · Reply


  2. Oh, thanks! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it.

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