Walking up to the front door for the first time, it already felt like home. At least I could imagine it. My realtor and dear friend, Jennifer Blackwood, unlocked the door and it slowly unveiled what was inside. I started to get a little giddy as I realized that my “home” had beautiful hardwood floors! After a full inspection, I was ready to get my parents on board with this place, as well as some trusted  friends and talk about an offer. It was pretty close to perfect.

Two days ago, the neighborhood burned to the ground in a 5-alarm inferno that even made news on the BBC.

Fire copy

Now I find myself imagining again. What if that had been my home? See, someone else beat me to this townhouse. I didn’t get it. I was disappointed, yet at the same time I was reminded by many close family and friends that this was not God’s provision for me. There was something better. By faith, I chose to agree then. Now I know.

That doesn’t mean that God wasn’t taking care of the dear souls who owned these homes. You can see His hand in the fact that no one was killed or injured.  At the same time, they are experiencing loss. I pray God comforts them because I know that just because His provision for me didn’t involve losing my home this time. I know I will experience my own tragedies and losses in days to come.


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