Monthly Archives: February 2014

An Airport Adventure, Part 1

Bleary eyed from a flight at the crack of dawn, my body was fighting to sleep and my mind was pushing me to stay alert. I was in for a long day of sitting in one of Moscow’s many airports – waiting for a team to arrive from a church back home. This was the […]

Pictures and Postcards

Valentine’s Day can be painful. I learned that in the 3rd grade. Mrs. Kendrick asked me to staple every kid’s Valentine sack to the bulletin board. The stapler got jammed and I accidentally stapled my thumb. When she noticed that progress had ceased, she looked up from reading Eddie’s Menagerie aloud to the class and said, “Oh, Lord. […]

Your World is Too Small

This is a reality that slaps a person in the face as soon as the obstetrician slaps her bare behind. All of the sudden she realizes there is a world where slapping is possible! She never knew… Last night I joined almost 100,000,000 people in watching a game – a game that fell far short […]