The man – a young American was peeling an enormous grapefruit, carelessly squirting large puddles on the newly zambonied floor. “Want some?” I declined the grapefruit, but welcomed the conversation. Come to find out, he was a news producer for a major network, assigned to the Moscow Bureau. He educated me on the life of […]

Bleary eyed from a flight at the crack of dawn, my body was fighting to sleep and my mind was pushing me to stay alert. I was in for a long day of sitting in one of Moscow’s many airports – waiting for a team to arrive from a church back home. This was the […]

Valentine’s Day can be painful. I learned that in the 3rd grade. Mrs. Kendrick asked me to staple every kid’s Valentine sack to the bulletin board. The stapler got jammed and I accidentally stapled my thumb. When she noticed that progress had ceased, she looked up from reading Eddie’s Menagerie aloud to the class and said, “Oh, Lord. […]

This is a reality that slaps a person in the face as soon as the obstetrician slaps her bare behind. All of the sudden she realizes there is a world where slapping is possible! She never knew… Last night I joined almost 100,000,000 people in watching a game – a game that fell far short […]

Walking up to the front door for the first time, it already felt like home. At least I could imagine it. My realtor and dear friend, Jennifer Blackwood, unlocked the door and it slowly unveiled what was inside. I started to get a little giddy as I realized that my “home” had beautiful hardwood floors! […]

Last night I gathered in a beautiful, stone-walled chapel to pray with a handful of Millennials. Most Tuesday nights you’ll find a couple of thousand of us meeting at this same address, but that will start up again next week – with a bang. This night was sweet and quiet. A time for us to […]

My fireplace went missing. You see, when I bought my house less than a year ago, there was an obnoxious, pink chimney on the roof. It was unsightly and pointless. Pointless because the house has no fireplace. Why? The foundation needed repairing. Since the previous owner didn’t address the foundation problems promptly, the fireplace started […]