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Sabotaging Love

“So you are saying that I can never ever have ice cream again for the rest of my life?!?!” I was riding in a minivan, my sister at the wheel, my young niece in the back seat on our way to….  well, get ice cream. It sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? Somehow in her young, […]

When You Wish Upon a Prayer?

I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. My breathing was shallow and unsatisfying. Palms sweaty as I gripped my bag, ears perked to listen for my name, eyes wide open staring at the ticket agent who held my destiny, and my feet – ready to sprint towards the gate to catch the plane back […]

Return to Russia – Episode 8: The Day That Spiderman Cried

His bottom lip began to quiver. Suddenly, he had an idea! Spiderman ran to the wall. “Mama, I want to climb up to you!” The disappointment was almost unbearable. The Spiderman costume he was wearing, did not give this small boy the abilities of his favorite super hero. He couldn’t climb the wall of the […]