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Sabotaging Love

“So you are saying that I can never ever have ice cream again for the rest of my life?!?!” I was riding in a minivan, my sister at the wheel, my young niece in the back seat on our way to….  well, get ice cream. It sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? Somehow in her young, […]

Reality Check

You matter. That’s what my friend, Emily, said to a room full of privileged teens last night. You might be asking yourself why she used the 10 minutes she was given to stress that point. I mean, they are white, self-absorbed kids and on top of that, they are “rich.” I think it is because […]

Pictures and Postcards

Valentine’s Day can be painful. I learned that in the 3rd grade. Mrs. Kendrick asked me to staple every kid’s Valentine sack to the bulletin board. The stapler got jammed and I accidentally stapled my thumb. When she noticed that progress had ceased, she looked up from reading Eddie’s Menagerie aloud to the class and said, “Oh, Lord. […]

I Love You This Much!

“GIN!” Over and over “gin” I heard my niece make this request of me. I was happy to comply, flipping her upside down or tossing her over my shoulder. She is fearless. And she is loved. The attitude my family has towards children can sometimes border on idolization. We love them with all our hearts. […]

Small Things

There was a pit in my stomach. It was the kind that makes you nauseous. I climbed into bed hoping that sleep would take care of it. This pit was one caused by exhaustion, after all. Tomorrow was going to be a long, busy day. I just needed some sleep. I got up early and […]

Return to Russia – Episode 9: Return to America…A Change in the Weather

Snailfrocky! That’s what my mom says when she wishes life would give her a mulligan – a “do-over.” After my first night’s sleep in my own bed since returning from the past few weeks in Europe, I am beginning to process. I am amazed and thankful. Thinking about the wellies I packed in my small […]