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An Airport Adventure: Conclusion

The man – a young American was peeling an enormous grapefruit, carelessly squirting large puddles on the newly zambonied floor. “Want some?” I declined the grapefruit, but welcomed the conversation. Come to find out, he was a news producer for a major network, assigned to the Moscow Bureau. He educated me on the life of […]

An Airport Adventure, Part 1

Bleary eyed from a flight at the crack of dawn, my body was fighting to sleep and my mind was pushing me to stay alert. I was in for a long day of sitting in one of Moscow’s many airports – waiting for a team to arrive from a church back home. This was the […]

Return to Russia – Episode 8: The Day That Spiderman Cried

His bottom lip began to quiver. Suddenly, he had an idea! Spiderman ran to the wall. “Mama, I want to climb up to you!” The disappointment was almost unbearable. The Spiderman costume he was wearing, did not give this small boy the abilities of his favorite super hero. He couldn’t climb the wall of the […]

Return – Episode 7: Further & Farther

“Au-to-booss-eee–YOM.” “Yes,” she said, nodding, “Au-to-booss-eee–YOM.” One last, teary hug and the cab door was slammed shut. Eric & Lena drove off to the bus station to begin their journey back to Russia. I had a great 10 days in Russia with Lena and other dear friends. It was wonderful to walk the streets of […]

Return to Russia – Episode 6: Fish Pie for Sunday Lunch

“What’s that?” Usually I’m the one asking that question on this side of the ocean, but this time it was Lena’s question to me. As we routinely stood on the curb of this 600-year-old city, waiting for trolleybus #1 to take us to church, something unusual caught her eye. I turned to look. “Oh, it’s […]

Return to Russia – Episode 5: The Shock Left Me Speechless!

If you are a return-reader, you may have noticed that I got out of rhythm with my posting. Maybe I’m just talking to you, Emma, but I’ll give you the reason and it’s a good one! You live in a country for 12 years and you think you know a place! I mentioned that in […]

Return to Russia – Episode 4: Hospitality Practice

A tiny table unfolded to take up all of the little kitchen’s unclaimed floor space. The Coe family hosted me for the evening in their 2 room flat (Americans, that means one bedroom, a living room that doubles as the ‘master suite,’ one little kitchen and a small bath. Theirs is a family of 5…. […]