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Pictures and Postcards

Valentine’s Day can be painful. I learned that in the 3rd grade. Mrs. Kendrick asked me to staple every kid’s Valentine sack to the bulletin board. The stapler got jammed and I accidentally stapled my thumb. When she noticed that progress had ceased, she looked up from reading Eddie’s Menagerie aloud to the class and said, “Oh, Lord. […]

You MUST Get Married!

Disheveled and out of breath, she walked towards me as if she knew me. I was trying to squeeze a bit more productivity out of my day at the “office” a.k.a. Watermark Coffee. Instead, Anna, a 68 year old Romanian woman plopped down across from me. She stared me straight in the eye. I was […]

Return to Russia – Episode 3: This is Where I Offend Some People

Ducking down in the foxhole, the young soldier braces himself as one more explosion rocks the muddy walls surrounding him. It’s been raining for days. He can’t remember what it feels like to have dry socks to wear. Several friends have died. He’s tired, weary, and his nerves are shot from the close calls he’s […]