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Welcome to His World

“Fasten your seat belts, “ the pilot stated in both Finnish and English as our plane landed on my first international experience. Even though my feet had still never touched foreign soil, the introduction into a foreign world had already begun. I began to notice differences as our flight attendants wore black, leather gloves as […]

An Airport Adventure: Conclusion

The man – a young American was peeling an enormous grapefruit, carelessly squirting large puddles on the newly zambonied floor. “Want some?” I declined the grapefruit, but welcomed the conversation. Come to find out, he was a news producer for a major network, assigned to the Moscow Bureau. He educated me on the life of […]

The Story

As she skipped through the park she took turns admiring her surroundings and her pretty, pink dress. It seemed natural that her father would take her hand. That simple gesture reminded her of his protective presence…. and her tendency to get lost! She looked up to ask him if they could get some ice cream. […]

Before the Clock Strikes 10….a.m.

Cuddling my steaming cup of coffee close to my face, I struggled to stay awake for fear of drooling on the shoulder of the strangers sitting on either side of me. I was on the 6:55am flight to Denver this morning. No one said much. I am sure we were all wondering why we thought […]