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Welcome to His World

“Fasten your seat belts, “ the pilot stated in both Finnish and English as our plane landed on my first international experience. Even though my feet had still never touched foreign soil, the introduction into a foreign world had already begun. I began to notice differences as our flight attendants wore black, leather gloves as […]

An Airport Adventure: Conclusion

The man – a young American was peeling an enormous grapefruit, carelessly squirting large puddles on the newly zambonied floor. “Want some?” I declined the grapefruit, but welcomed the conversation. Come to find out, he was a news producer for a major network, assigned to the Moscow Bureau. He educated me on the life of […]

An Airport Adventure, Part 1

Bleary eyed from a flight at the crack of dawn, my body was fighting to sleep and my mind was pushing me to stay alert. I was in for a long day of sitting in one of Moscow’s many airports – waiting for a team to arrive from a church back home. This was the […]