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Change Your Playlist. Change Your Life.

“I am not good at anything.” “No one could ever love me.” “I would be happy if I had …… (a husband, a baby, a better job, more money)” Lies. These are all lies. But sometimes they feel more real than the truth. How did we get here? We are easily deceived. And as much […]

World Changing – Writing History or Fairytale Dreaming?

“If you could to anything to change the world, what would it be?” That’s quite a question to answer in a group of influential leaders that you are just getting to know. Considering that question started to remind me of answering the hypothetical question a genie emerging from a bottle might ask. While it is […]

Living a Life of Privilege

Does God love the USA more than He loves other countries? That question makes me uncomfortable. The very thought is repulsive. It is elitist. It is prideful. It is unloving. It is just plain ridiculous. Yet, when I think about the future, it would make me feel a little better if it was true. Maybe […]